Firmer Skin with enCurve: Aesthetics Medical's Natural Tightening Treatment

Attaining smoother and more supple skin is a desire shared by indivi­duals of various ages. The develo­pment of looser skin can be attri­buted to multiple factors, with weakened connective tissues often being a signi­ficant factor. Such weakening can arise from rapid weight loss, like that experi­enced post-pregnancy or through dieting, which can overs­hadow the satis­faction of shedding pounds. Additio­nally, a lack of physical activity can contribute to weaker connective tissues and, as a result, looser skin. Genetics and skin type also play pivotal roles in this issue, with certain areas such as the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs commonly affected.

Innovative and Gentle Solutions for Sustainable Skin Firmness

At Aesthetics Medical, we specialize in 100% natural solutions that effec­tively firm skin in targeted areas without chemical inter­ven­tions. Our approach is both gentle and powerful, ensuring patient comfort without compro­mising results. Among our cutting-edge treat­ments is the enCurve system: a state-of-the-art, non-contact radio­fre­quency technology certified by the FDA for the non-surgical elimi­nation of fat cells body-wide. The enCurve treatment uniformly warms fat tissue, leading to the destruction of fat cells that the body then naturally processes.

This thermal process also encou­rages collagen production, resulting in firmer tissue. Importantly, enCurve is designed to speci­fi­cally target fat cells without affecting surrounding organs or the skin’s surface, utilizing the higher water content in fat tissue for efficient heating.

Visible impro­ve­ments can typically be observed after the third to fourth session, with the number of sessions varying based on the treatment area. As a knowled­geable and skilled team, we at Aesthetics Medical are committed to providing expert guidance and support throughout your skin firming journey. Discover more about our proven treatment options.