Biostimu­lation, Revitali­sation and Peeling

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Product Summary

  • Revita­lising peeling with visible anti-ageing effect
  • Suitable for blemished skin or skin prone to inflammation
  • Signi­fi­cantly improves skin texture and refines pores and fine lines
  • Tightens the skin and helps with stretch marks
  • Helps with acne and spots with an antioxidant effect
  • Prevents and smoothens scars
  • Has a supportive effect with combined treatments
  • Works against hyper­pig­men­tation and discolouration
  • Suitable for face and body
  • Price per treatment: Depending on the treatment area (see price list)
  • Non-invasive, pain-free procedure without needles or surgery
  • No downtime
  • Suitable for all skin types in all seasons
  • FDA-approved, CE-certified
A woman with a green leaf on her face, participating in an anti-aging treatment to reduce wrinkles.

What is BioRePeel?

BioRePeelCl3 comes from the patented BioRe­Therapy and offers a solution for the face (BioRePeelCl3 FND) and body (BioRePeelCl3 Body). The biphasic product is bio stimu­lating and revita­lising. It contains ingre­dients such as trichlo­roacetic acid, salicylic acid and arginine. Thanks to the innovative active ingre­dient compo­sition of fruit acids, vitamins and amino acids, biosyn­thetic processes in the skin are activated and the peeling has a desqua­mating effect. However, the skin's hydro­li­pidic film is maintained so that it is supplied with suffi­cient moisture. This makes the peeling parti­cu­larly effective and gentle at the same time.

Advan­tages of BioRePeel

What are the advan­tages of BioRePeel?

The following advan­tages are associated with BioRePeel:

  1. Gentle peeling: Biphasic peeling has an appli­cation time of 3-10 minutes and is therefore relatively short on the skin. The solution is applied without anaes­thetic (exception: combi­nation treat­ments) or needles and is not painful. The peeling is parti­cu­larly suitable for patients with blemished or slightly inflamed skin, as it has an antioxidant effect on the one hand and stabi­lises or maintains the skin's moisture balance on the other. This means that the skin is not unneces­s­arily dried out, but benefits from a revita­lising effect. BioRePeelCl3 is therefore parti­cu­larly charac­te­rised by its high tolerance.
  2. Multi­func­tional peeling: BioRePeelCl3 is effective in the prevention and treatment of scars, offers successful results in the reduction of pigmen­tation spots and leads to a more even, firmer skin texture. It also optimises results in combi­nation with other treat­ments without stressing the skin. BioRePeelCl3 can be combined with mesotherapy, micro­needling, PRP and PDO threads or filler treat­ments. In addition, not only can the face, neck or décolleté be treated, but also individual parts of the body.
  3. Direct impact with lasting effect: the skin benefits from the very first session and is radiant, firmer and more even. The peeling has a preven­tative effect against signs of skin ageing and gives a more youthful, fresher appearance. Fine lines and irregu­la­rities as well as large pores are visibly smoothed - the skin gains elasticity and resilience. The slightly abrading effect subsides after a few days and the skin regene­rates by stimu­lating elastin and collagen production.

Further advan­tages include:

  • No pain, no anaes­thetic (anaes­thesia is only necessary for combi­nation treatments)
  • No incision and no scars
  • Very good tolerance according to experience
  • No downtime
  • For every skin type
  • Can be applied at any time of year

Who should not get a BioRePeel?

The treatment is not recom­mended for those with:

  • Skin rashes, skin diseases (e.g., herpes, eczema, neuro­der­ma­titis), skin allergies
  • Patients under­going treatment (e.g., Roaccutane, photo­sen­si­tising medication, vitamin A tablets)
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding

How much does a BioRePell cost?

The current prices for a BioRePeel depend on the treatment area(s):

Face CHF 200
Face and neck CHF 250
Face, neck & décolleté CHF 300
Other treatment areas Price on enquiry
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Who will benefit from BioRePeel?

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and especially for patients with blemished skin who suffer from acne and spots or inflammation.

BioRePeelCl3 can also be used for melasma, disco­lou­ration and hyper­pig­men­tation. The solution is applied selec­tively to the melasma or disco­loured areas. The peeling is also suitable for stretch marks, fine lines and large pores.

Finally, BioRePeelCl3 is a painless and a relatively swift procedure. The treatment is therefore aimed at patients who wish to resume their everyday activities immediately after treatment.

Yes. BioRePeel can be performed on both men and women.

Although the treatment can be carried out at any time of year, we recommend avoiding sunbathing and visits to the solarium before and after the session. For optimum results, we recommend using sun protection regularly during aftercare.

In addition, we conduct a consul­tation with you at the beginning of the treatment and analyse your skin for current irrita­tions. You inform us if you are ill or under­going treatment and taking medication.

Yes. BioRePeel can deliver optimum results speci­fi­cally for the treatment of stretch marks.

What areas can be treated with BioRePeel?

BioRePeelCL3 can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté as well as the body.

When you come to our practice for your treatment, we can discuss the possible areas that could benefit from this procedure. We offer consul­ta­tions so you can learn more about your options before deciding if BioRePeel treatment is right for you.

Procedure: How does a BioRePeel treatment proceed?

1. Preli­minary discussion /​consul­tation:

At the beginning of the first session, our expert will have a consul­tation with you. This will determine your desired result and the treatment area, as well as whether the BioRePeel treatment is suitable for you. We will inform you about possible risks and the realistic results you can expect. We will then agree on the type and duration of the treatment before starting in order to achieve optimum results.

2. Before the treatment:

The session starts after the consul­tation. The area to be treated is cleaned in accordance with the preli­minary consul­tation. In the case of a combi­nation treatment with PRP or micro­needling or mesotherapy, an anaes­thetic ointment is applied.

3. During treatment:

After emulsi­fi­cation, the liquid active ingre­dient is drawn out using a cannula and applied to the area to be treated. The area is cleaned after 3-10 minutes. The appli­cation time depends on the treatment area and the reason for treatment:

  • In the case of melasma, BioRePeel is applied selec­tively to the disco­loured areas
  • In combi­nation with mesotherapy, BioRePeel is applied first and the treatment area is cleaned followed by mesotherapy performed after the appli­cation time
  • Similarly, in combi­nation with filler, PRP or PDO threads, the BioRePeel treatment is carried out beforehand
  • In combi­nation with micro­needling, the first layer of BioRePeel is applied and micro­needling is performed. A second layer of BioRePeel is then applied and the treatment area is cleaned after the appli­cation time

Finally, a post-treatment serum (BioRe­Hydra) or a post-treatment cream (BioReLift) is applied to the treated area. This enhances the anti-ageing effect and provides the skin with suffi­cient moisture.

4. After the treatment:

Even after the first session, the skin is fresher and gains elasticity and resilience. The patient can resume socia­lising comfor­tably again after­wards. As aftercare, the skin should be protected from direct sunlight for the next few days. The skin may flake slightly over the next 3-5 days.

If you experience prolonged side effects or other discomfort after the treatment, you can contact us at any time. We are here for you.

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What to expect with BioRePeel?

BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative medical product with a wide range of appli­ca­tions. The result depends on the individual reason for treatment and the form of therapy.

In the treatment of acne or blemished skin, a signi­ficant impro­vement in the appearance of the skin is achieved. The peeling with antioxidant effect combats free radicals and protects the skin against new inflamma­tions. The skin becomes more even and the pores are refined.

For more mature skin, the biphasic peeling has a rejuve­nating effect by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and improving the skin's overall elasticity and vitality.

In the case of stretch marks, a visible tightening effect can also be seen after a few sessions.

In the case of disco­lou­ration and pigmen­tation marks, the skin tone is clearly evened out.

We generally recommend a series of 4-6 treat­ments at intervals of 2 (face) to 3 (body) weeks to achieve optimum results. The first results are already visible after the first session.

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How does a BioRePeel treatment work?

The BioRePeel treatment stands for biostimu­lation, revitali­sation and peeling.

The BioRePeelCl3 active ingre­dient is not just a peeling, but a complete aesthetic-medical and derma­to­lo­gical product. It removes old skin cells and boosts the antioxidant and moistu­rising effect of amino acids and vitamins. BioRePeelCl3 contains 35% trichlo­roacetic acid supple­mented with an innovative and functional mixture of hydroxy acids, amino acids, vitamins and GABA, AHAs, BHAs and PHA.

After BioRePeel, a BioRe­Hydra serum is applied with active ingre­dients from oceanic seaweed extract, amino acids, vitamins, GABA and micro­nised hyalu­ronic acid, which retains water in the connective tissue matrix and increases collagen and elastin production.

How does BioRePeel treatment feel and is it painful?

The active ingre­dient is applied to the treatment area as an emulsion and massaged in until it is completely absorbed by the skin. A slight tingling sensation may be felt during the appli­cation time of 3-10 minutes. The treatment area is then cleansed with water and a serum or post-treatment cream is applied. The post-treatment inten­sifies the regene­rating and skin-rejuve­nating effect. Experience has shown that the treatment is painless and very well tolerated.

What are the possible risks and side effects of BioRePeel treatment?

Depending on the area treated and the initial condition of the skin, it may be more sensitive to the sun after treatment. Otherwise, BioRePeel is charac­te­rised by its high tolerability.

We will be happy to advise you before your treatment about potential risks and whether BioRePeel is suitable for you and your desired goals.

How long does the recovery take?

BioRePeel requires no downtime.

Can I do sports after BioRePeel?

Yes. You can resume your sporting activities as usual after BioRePeel.

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How long is the skin sensitive after BioRePeel treatment?

BioRePeel also has a regene­rating effect after the treatment and the skin may flake slightly over the next 3-5 days. Otherwise, the skin is only sensitive to sunlight, for which we recommend the regular use of sun protection. The skin is fine after the treatment and the BioRePeel treatment can be repeated after two to three weeks as part of the therapy or as a refresher.

How long does it take to see results with BioRePeel?

After the first treatment, a clear result is already visible: the skin is firmer, looks fresher and more youthful. The overall skin texture is more harmo­nised. Fine lines, wrinkles and large pores are visibly smoother.

The appearance of scars and uneven skin as a result of acne, blemished skin or injuries is signi­fi­cantly improved. There is less inflammation and overall healthier skin is visible. For optimum results, however, we recommend at least 4-6 sessions at 2-week intervals.

In the case of melasma, hyper­pig­men­tation and disco­lou­ration, we can also achieve a signi­fi­cantly more even skin tone after the first treatment. Here too, we recommend several treatments.

You are welcome to book a consul­tation so that we can discuss how many treat­ments you need for your desired result. This will also allow us to estimate when you are likely to achieve your desired result.

Can I enhance the BioRePeel results with additional treatments?

Yes. BioRePeelCl3 is the ideal complement to micro­needling, mesotherapy and PRP treat­ments. The peel can also be combined with a PDO thread treatment or filler.

We will be happy to advise you on other methods to achieve your desired goals.

How long do the results of BioRePeel last?

BioRePeelCl3 is long-lasting in the treatment of pigmen­tation disorders, melasma and scars. For optimum results, sunbathing should be avoided before and after treatment and sun protection should be applied regularly.

The regene­rating and skin-tightening effect depends on the patient's lifestyle and the initial condition of the skin and expec­ta­tions. The promotion of elastin and collagen production helps to slow down the skin ageing process and increases cell turnover and cell renewal in the skin.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions depends on the form of therapy, the treatment goal and the initial condition of the skin. Experience has shown that a series of 4-6 treat­ments is recom­mended, which are carried out at intervals of 2-3 weeks. This allows very good results to be achieved.

We offer consul­ta­tions and would be happy to discuss with you whether BioRePeel therapy is right for you and appro­xi­m­ately how many treat­ments are necessary for your goal.

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What makes BioRePeel different from other methods? What makes the procedure unique?

Compared to other chemical peels, the BioRePeel treatment is a very well-tolerated method with an exfoli­ating effect and a simul­ta­neous biore­vi­ta­lising effect. The BioRePeel can be used on the face, neck, body and even in the intimate area, as well as for slightly inflamed and blemished skin.

The procedure is very well tolerated and is also suitable for all skin types - this is parti­cu­larly the case with fruit acid peels. In addition, the skin does not peel to such an extreme extent and is therefore a gentle method with a lasting effect.

There is no downtime and the side effects and late effects are minimal to non-existent.

Another major advantage is the combi­nation with other treat­ments to enhance their effect, such as PRP, mesotherapy or microneedling.

Other advan­tages over alter­native methods:

  • No downtime
  • No surgery required
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Can be applied at any time of year