MESO-T8+ Treatment Zurich

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MESO-T8+ combines the latest non-invasive techno­logies for compre­hensive skin regeneration.

Mesotrans­duction, Photo­therapy, Cryotherapy.

The combi­nation of these three techno­logies makes it possible to achieve excellent results using MESO-T8+ to improve the appearance of the skin. Treatment with MESO-T8+ intro­duces specific active ingre­dients deep into the skin, while supple­mentary products comprise an at-home component of the treatment.

MESOTRANSDUCTION – Maximum deep penetration of active ingre­dients into the skin

Mesotrans­duction is an excellent alter­native to mesotherapy. Up to 95% of the active ingre­dients used in the procedure penetrate the dermis to achieve the desired results. This process is absolutely painless and stress-free for the skin!

PHOTOTHERAPY – Increase in ATP production

A selective light spectrum is used to optimize the effects of the treatment: an LED treatment head has been developed with a narrow range of action from 12° to 18°, thereby allowing optimal penetration of the light into the skin.

CRYOTHERAPY – Stimu­lation of blood and lymph flows

This diffusion of stabi­lized cold at -3°C serves to activate blood and lymph flow. It delivers oxygen to the skin tissue and promotes the expulsion of toxins. It also supports the role of the active ingre­dients injected with the mesotrans­duction procedure. In combi­nation, these functions result in instant texture impro­vement and, therefore, a more radiant appearance.

A Meso-T8+ leaning against a wall.

MESO-T8+ at a glance

Duration approx. 1 hour
Painless Yes
Follow-up treatment No

MESO-T8+ Prices

Face CHF 350
Face, package of 4 CHF 1’200
Neck CHF 250
Decolleté CHF 250
Face, Neck & Decolleté CHF 550
Face, Neck & Decolleté, package of 4 CHF 2’000
Further zones price on enquiry
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MESO-T8+ Treatment Information

  • Smoothes and fills wrinkles
  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces pigment spots
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Deep humidi­fi­cation
  • Tightens skin tissue
  1. Its ability to open long-lasting channels in the epidermis that allow selected active ingre­dients to be inserted deep into the skin
  2. The use of different forms of fractional electrical impulses to generate a sharp increase in the conduc­tivity and permea­bility of the cell membranes
  3. A coded algorithm is used to open up water channels in the skin, through which up to 95% of the active ingre­dients can flow without any problems. The algorithm of the MESO-T8+ makes it possible to vary the following parameters for each electrical pulse:
    • Frequency
    • Intensity
    • Duration
  4. Conversion of the polarity of molecules by a molecular polarization chamber. This allows the passage of specific water-soluble molecules into the deep layers of the dermis, regardless of their polarity and molecular weight. The result is a constant trans­duction, which makes it possible to inject a large amount of active ingre­dients into the tissue. This leads to intracel­lular penetration with positive effects on cell metabolism.


  • Penetration of up to 95% of active ingredients
  • Macro- and micro-molecules
  • Scien­ti­fi­cally proven
  • High toler­a­bility level
  • No trauma­tization of cells

This type of cryotherapy is used for its regene­rative abilities and does not result in stress to the cells.

Cryotherapy, which we perform with the CRYO hbw probe, controls the gradual lowering of the tempe­rature down to -3 °C. Parado­xi­cally, this results in a vasodilation reaction, which leads to increased blood circulation and thereby causes recipro­cating activity between vasocon­striction and vasodilation. This pumping effect promotes blood and lymph flow as well as oxygen supply.


  • No suction effects as part of the procedure
  • Pleasant and painless treatment
  • Tempe­rature safety controlled by the treatment head
  • No cell destruction or combustion
  • Absolute protection of the skin

Photo­therapy is performed with a gentle but effective LED light in the milliwatt range.

The light-emitting diodes of our LED treatment head emit wavelengths that corre­spond to different colors. Each color has a certain positive effect on the skin and supports the regene­ration effect of various skin needs. They are absorbed by the mitochondria and serve to strengthen the energy that stimu­lates on the cellular level.


  • Targeted and localized effect
  • Short treatment time
  • Diode beam angle from 12-18° for maximum focus
  • Relaxing treatment
  • No heating of the tissue
  • Respects the physiology of the skin

The strong sun of summer should be avoided up to 1 week after the treatment. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 50+.

There are no side effects. In rare cases, there may be slight reddening of the face, but this subsides on the same day.

There is no downtime. You can carry out your daily activities as usual.


If you have any questions, would like a consul­tation or a treatment appointment, we look forward to hearing from you.